NYT: How to Leave a Legacy When You Don’t Have Children

Anna Goldfarb of the New York Times writes about estate planning when one doesn’t have children. [M. Eileen Dougherty, an accredited estate planner and president of the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils] recommends individuals procure three essential documents: a valid will that meets the requirements of one’s legal state of

My day in Alexandria’s Deadly-Force Training Simulator

This spring, I’ve been a student in the Alexandria Police Department’s Community Police Academy. It’s a ten-session program to learn about the police department and its policies and tactics. It’s a solid education. Even as an attorney, I understand my community’s police far better than before. One fascinating session focused on

My evening in Alexandria’s 911 Call Center

I want to better understand my community, so I’ve been taking part in the Alexandria Community Police Academy. It’s a ten-week program dedicated to providing citizens with a greater understanding of their police. Tonight, I sat in on a shift at the 911 call center. I got to listen in on

The Great Cameron Station Poop Patrol Heat Map

Here’s the heat map I promised. I picked up 109 poops. I picked the bulk of the poops from two locations: 1.) The large park on Donovan and Kilborn, and 2.) a small park on Donovan and Minda. The first location seemed to be the work of two different-sized dogs.

The Great Cameron Station Pocket Park Poop Scoop

Together we’re gonna clean up this mess!