NYT: How to Leave a Legacy When You Don’t Have Children

Anna Goldfarb of the New York Times writes about estate planning when one doesn’t have children. [M. Eileen Dougherty, an accredited estate planner and president of the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils] recommends individuals procure three essential documents: a valid will that meets the requirements of one’s legal state of

My day in Alexandria’s Deadly-Force Training Simulator

This spring, I’ve been a student in the Alexandria Police Department’s Community Police Academy. It’s a ten-session program to learn about the police department and its policies and tactics. It’s a solid education. Even as an attorney, I understand my community’s police far better than before. One fascinating session focused on

My evening in Alexandria’s 911 Call Center

I want to better understand my community, so I’ve been taking part in the Alexandria Community Police Academy. It’s a ten-week program dedicated to providing citizens with a greater understanding of their police. Tonight, I sat in on a shift at the 911 call center. I got to listen in on

The Great Cameron Station Poop Patrol Heat Map

Here’s the heat map I promised. I picked up 109 poops. I picked the bulk of the poops from two locations: 1.) The large park on Donovan and Kilborn, and 2.) a small park on Donovan and Minda. The first location seemed to be the work of two different-sized dogs.

The Great Cameron Station Pocket Park Poop Scoop

Together we’re gonna clean up this mess!

The Journey Begins

    February 14, 2018. Valentines Day—a day dedicated to love. And coincidently, the day my firm was officially recognized by the Virginia State Corporation Commission. How nice is that?