The Great Cameron Station Poop Patrol Heat Map

Here’s the heat map I promised. I picked up 109 poops. I picked the bulk of the poops from two locations: 1.) The large park on Donovan and Kilborn, and 2.) a small park on Donovan and Minda.
The first location seemed to be the work of two different-sized dogs. The second location seemed the work of one and was concentrated in one specific area.
I spent a little over three hours on the task. I had fun meeting and laughing with neighbors throughout the afternoon. I likely did not capture every poop in my work area, especially if it was particularly decroded. I did not examine flower beds, alleys, fence lines, or anywhere I thought children would be unlikely to play.
One thing that surprised me was I often saw spots where pet owners did pick up their pet’s poop, but nevertheless left what I can only describe as a fecal sheen upon the grass.
My conclusion from this patrol is that most of the poop found in Cameron Station’s parks is the product of three inconsiderate pet owners.
And yes, I’d do it again. I found the whole thing mildly hysterical. But more to the point: our kids play in these parks. We should keep them clean.


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